Vocabulary Words

There aren't many shortcuts to the comfort and assurance of self-confidence. However, the ability to communicate thoughts effectively provides a solid step in that direction. The handiest members of our communications tool chest are words. They are the ones we can learn and access at will, and vibrate right out of our throats in the pacing and intonation that we choose. Other tools we possess are non-verbal such as body posture, gestures, and all the mysterious subtleties of facial expression. But they are somewhat second nature or built-in, and as such, allow less control. So, why not let words grow in an ever expanding vocabulary to deliver the nuances of meaning that we intend. Why not enjoy the satisfaction brought by the response of another which confirms that the difficult or abstract or mystical or nebulous information transfer you just attempted actually worked. Why not see how word definitions, synonyms, and antonyms can open doors to new possibilities, new ways to observe, think, and connect. An effective speaking vocabulary is a powerful leveler in navigating differences in wealth and class.

Words occupy at least five vocabularies. Word definitions shape concepts that provide an element of terrain for a thinking vocabulary. Others are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Reading and listening allow the aid of context. Writing requires creative effort with the benefit of time. Speaking vocabulary is one that cannot be fudged. It requires a mental archive that is ready to go. Filling that archive is the purpose of periodic review of a list of words found to be useful. This VOCABULARY WORDS list is presented as a group of speaking vocabulary wannabes.

So, if you have any tinge of word-affinity in your bones, please indulge the quiet, vicarious pleasure of peering into the private cache of treasured gems of another. Navigate within the extended vertical page by dragging the right side scroll bar or other appropriate gesture tweaks.

The two word boxes at the top of the page each contain 14 words in various sizes and typefaces that were taken from the list. If you can identify most of them as words already in your speaking vocabulary, you may not find the list useful.

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